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Dawn Radio

I am involved with a internet radio statio run by my gaming group. You can tune in here on vtxemu on their page I put together.

Dawn Radio : Embrace the Dawn.

Lithoize 1.0.3 Beta

With much fanfare, here is a beta copy of Lithoize. You'll have 30 days free trial to use before it expires (and will no longer be able to save output). Please feel free to tinker and comment on the VTXEMU group on Facebook. I currently do not want to maintain, run, or mess with my own message board or BBS for that matter so we can use FB until we do. :)

Lithoize is a halftoning utilty that takes a full color bitmap image and will render a halftone version of it and save as either a bitmap or outlined vector art. Upto 6 layers of 10 different styles of haltone patterns are supported at this time. Many options and settings to get different results. Future support for user defined patterns and other features in the works.

Completely writen in Free Pascal and x86 Assembler. A copy of the offline documents are available here: Lithoize Documentation.


Retroize 1.0.1

Retroize will attempt to convert high color images to a low color count image using a dithering technique similar to that found in 8-bit pixel art. Most modern image software use the industry standard for dithering (Jarvis, Stucki, Floyd-Steinberg, and I feel fall short of what I was after when I set about writing this app.

Create custom color palettes, or use one provided (C-64, DawnBringer 16 and 32 color, NES, TI99/4, VGA, Wad, or Windows 16 color).

This is the first version of the Free Pascal port of the previous C# .NET source.


IC Warlock 1.0.3

This utility is used to help in the post processing of images for Windows icons and cursors. It supports drag and drop, and other features. Simple cropping, clamping, alignment into a square area for output to transparent .png files.

Zip file contains simple executable and Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 project files and source code (C#).

Cropping: Allows to define the region of the source image that is to be used.

Transparency: Settings for how to handle transparency in the image.

Clamping: Set maximum width and height for destination image. Accepts values 1 - 32. These numbers are based on an output image of 32x32 and will scale appropriately for smaller and larger images.

Outlining: IC Warlock can outline the destination images with a color. This is handly for cursors that might appear on various backgrounds and will make them stand out better. Selecting Inline and Outline on an image will effectively draw a bolder border. Alternate colors can be selected for Inline and Outline for added effect.

Save Settings: You can save the destination image in various sizes ranging from 16x16 upto 256x256.