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Video Terminal Emulator
DEC Terminal Manual True-Type Font

True type font based on VT-220 terminal font re-envisioned. Contains over 1500 glypghs. See the font specimen for more details.
Latest version or You can preview the Font Squirrel font specimen here.

6502 Pixel Fonts

Open type fonts created for a WindowBlind skin. Inspired from old 8-bit computing. Only has glyphs 33-126. Best used at 9pt and 6pt.

6502 Fonts.

Jarvis IRC / XMPP Gateway Chatbot

This is a project I've been working of for over a year or so. I play an MMO that has extern XMPP chat capiblities. This chat bot links our groups IRC channel with the game and allows linked chat between the two, easy to configure commands (either as string replacement style emotes, or plugins using Lua scripting). The original project was in vb.NET. I've just recently ported / rewrote the entire project in C#. It is still in its infancy IMHO and is only hosted here because I can't get Git working on this machine without errors.
Current source code - Assorted API docs used with development. - Operator Manual.

VTTEST Screenshots.

A standard test for VT100 compatibility for terminal emulators is vttest. Here are the results of VTX up against vttest.