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Developed with Notepad++
Video Terminal Emulator
Quick Start Guide
: Hide the toolbar.
: Collapse the toolbar (show fewer items).
: Expand the toolbar (show more items).
: Access the menu system.
The toolbar can be moved by dragging the status text area.
Pause/Break will hide and show the toolbar.
Due to the way different web browsers shanghai certain keyboard functions, certain keys needed to be remapped or added to the toolbar.
See keyboard configurations for Commodore (CBM) and other terminal types on the Config page.
CapsLock functions as the control key in VTX (for now until a better solution is found).
Scrollback History
The mouse wheel will scroll up and down 5 rows.
PgUp / PgDn will page up and down through scrollback history.
Clipboard Routines
Click drag to select text. Click and then Shift Click to select text.
Ctrl+A will select all text on screen.
Ctrl+C will copy selected text to clipboard.
F22 will display an ANSI attribute test.
F23 will display a demo ANSI file.
F24 will display ASCII characters for current set.